BlueFx 450ps Picosecond Nd:YAG

FDA Cleared

Remove the unwanted. Welcome the future.
Picore is a picosecond Nd:YAG Laser with a unique optical patented technology consisting on three Laser chambers to reach a high peak power of 1.8 GW and deliver an energy output up to 800 mJ in ultrashort pulses of 450 ps.

Tripe Axel Energy Jump

Picore has changed the conventional way of Laser delivery systems with three Laser chambers for an amplified energy output allowing to treat different kinds of pigment lesion, remove all color tattoos, and skin rejuvenation.

True Highest Peak Power

Using our own innovative technology, Picore can reach a high peak power up to 1.8 GW and deliver an energy up to 800 mJ in 450 real-picoseconds.

Fractional Treatment

Picore’s fractional handpiece employs a fractional delivery of ultrashort pulses to create the Laser Induced Optical Breakdown,
also known as LIOB, in the dermis without affecting the epidermis, and with no or little down-time.
MLA 6~8mm
MLA 3~5mm

DOE 4~4mm

Pigment Shattering

The 450 true-picosecond pulses shatters the largest and smallest pigments or ink particles fast and efficiently.
Nanosecond Laser
Ink Particles

Easy Maintenance

Picore’s electrical components come in a module type for the fastest service you can ever get.

Monitoring System

All Bluecore’s devices are monitored by a central monitoring system which allows the user to connect the device
to WIFI for a remote monitoring. This unique program allows easy maintenance and immediate responses.
Online Alert
Auto Backup

Technical Data

Laser Type Picosecond Double Nd:YAG Laser
Mode 1064 532 Blue-T Blue-Fx
Spot Size Focus Handpiece (2~10nm)
Wavelength[nm] 1064 532 1064 1064
Pulse Energy [mJ] 800 300 800 800
Pulse Duration [ps] 450 380 450 450
Pulse Repetition [Hz] 1~10 1~10 1~10 1~10
Display 10.4″ Widescreen Panel
Auto Management Ethernet, WIFI
Basic Part Focus Handpiece, 7mm Collimated Handpiece, 3~5mm MLA Fractional Handpiece, 6~8mm MLA Fractional Handpiece,
4x4mm DOE Fractional Handpiece
Optional Part 532nm Fractional Handpiece
Electrical Requirements 220~230VAC, 15A, 50Hz or 60Hz
Dimensions (mm) / Weight 290[W] * 770[L] * 880[H], 95kg
* Product specifications are subject to change without notice.